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Nd Yag Electro-optical QSWITCH

Electro Optic Switch ND Yag laser 523nm and 1064nm Novuslase

Treatment Applications:

  1. Remove unwanted pigments of the skin due to aging
  2. Removal of Color tattoo such as blue's, red, black
  3. Removal of birthmark
  4. Pigment correction
  5. Skin rejuvenation and toning
  6. Lip line and eye lines removal

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Ndy10K Q-switched Electro-optical Yag

Here's a 2 minute plus video showing our Yag Laser. Enjoy

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Nd Yag Testimonials

I was highly skeptical in the beginning. But the nurse who tended to me Mr. Ken and is team were very professional and knowledgeable in setting up the machine and informing me of the experience. With my past experience of getting this similar treatment in the past, this one was quite different that i felt little to no pain after just some redness but slowly subsided within 48 hours. All I can say is that I highly recommend this device.


Jason F. Male 36 West Covina